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David Chesky - Primal Scream / Jazz Weekly

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If you're into film noirish sounds from 50s B movies, this release lead by pianist/composer David Chesky is a real treat. He forms a quintet with a series of super modern studs such as Billy Drummond/dr, Javon Jackosn/ts-cl, Jeremy Pelt/tp and Peter Washington/b. And, yes, these guys know how to hit hard and bop with the best, the mood here is more subtle, impressionistic and hip-ly cerebral.

Gentle piano chords chime on "Check Point Charlie" with almost Gil Evans-like hauntingly understated and muted horns. Jackosn's tenor is smoulders like a Cuban here, while the laid back and bluesy "Isolation" features Pelt on his mute. Muscles are flexed as well here, as Pelt bears down on "Primal Scream," but for the most part, the feel is like an Orson Wells or John Cassavetes flick, as the impressionistic "Quiet Desperation" and rich harmonies on "Cultural Treason" feature the subtle rhythm team supporting Javon's haunting horn on the former and Pelt's less is more horn on the latter. This album reinforces the classic point about communication; in order to get someone to pay attention, whisper.  SEE THE Jazz Weekly PAGE