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Superunion creates the 'first live-action film' using Simon Rattle's baton / CREATIVE BOOM

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The new season's campaign for the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) takes something of an unusual route for an organisation many might see as being rather traditional: a live-action film called Dancing on the Edge of a Volcano.

It's the fourth campaign Superunion has created for the LSO since the launch of its new brand in 2017. The agency worked with Found Studio and dancer Ella Robson Guilfoyle on the project, which is the first time the company has used moving image in such a way as part of its marketing activity. "The campaigns have visualised the movement of the baton of the conductor Sir Simon Rattle and uses live-action rather than CGI to bring the motion capture to life. With Ella's dance choreographed to replicate the movement of Sir Simon's baton as he conducts Stravinsky's Rite of Spring," says Superunion.

"The film was inspired by a literal reinterpretation of the season's theme 'Dancing on the edge of a volcano' [a phrase Austrian composer Alban Beg and others used to describe the febrile atmosphere in Germany in the 1930s] and combined abstract and literal moments that fleetingly reveal the dancer in motion."