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The Snarky Puppy live experience, as described by Singaporean musicians / bandwagon

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Snarky Puppy aren't exactly strangers to Singapore, having already played two very well-received gigs here in 2014 and in 2015 as part of the Singapore International Jazz Festival. And for third time in three straight years, the audaciously creative fusion outfit is set to play the Lion City, in what promises to be their best Singaporean showcase yet. While their first two first concerts here proved to be unforgettable displays of technical virtuosity and soaring energy, the band certainly won't be falling back on old favourites (although a couple wouldn't hurt) for this go around, with a by-now familiar audience. And that's because in between their previous appearance here, they've released not one, not two - but three new releases! As you can surmise, they have plenty new ground to cover.

May 2015's outstanding Sylva album, done in collaboration with the Metropole Orkest from the Netherlands, was quickly followed up a few months later with their highly-anticipated and incredibly exciting Family Dinner - Volume 2 live studio LP. As if that wasn't enough, the band has most recently also put out (arguably) their finest hour yet, in the sprawling diverse and compellingly maximalist Culcha Vulcha - the 11th album of their young careers. Brimming with their usual, irrepressible brand of artful jazz fusion and Motown groove, their newest work also deftly juggles strains of world music influences as far-flung as Highlife and Bollywood. Even by Snarky Puppy standards, this album is exceedingly high-concept in its planning and exceptionally polished in its difficult execution. Funky, high-flying and musically restless, there's enough invention here to wow even long-time Snarky fans.

Next week's showcase, promoted by SingJazz, will likely present the best and most assured version of Snarky Puppy we've ever seen. Their continuous evolution is tied to their ethos as a true musician's band, which also explains why plenty of prominent Singaporean musicians have walked away from previous shows impressed and inspired.

Ahead of their Esplanade return, we talk to weish (of sub:shaman and .gif), Tim De Cotta (of TAJ), Sano Shimano (of The Good Life Project) and Shaun Khiu (of MONSTER CAT) to discuss the uninhibited joy of the Snarky Puppy live experience.

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