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Avi Avital - Vivaldi / WETA: CD Pick Of the Week

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Classical WETA 90.9 FM showcases notable new (or newly reissued) CDs each week. Hear selections from the CD on-air throughout the week, and check online to learn more about the artist and the music. Our friends at ArkivMusic join in by putting that recording on sale for the entire week and contributing a portion of each sale to WETA.

Classical WETA and sister station join forces for our CD Picks this week with a focus on Venice, Italy.  Or, as it was known in Vivaldi's time, Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia, or La Serenissima for short.  Baroque songs from the Republic with countertenor Max Emanuel Cencic are featured this week on, and, on Classical WETA, mandolinist Avi Avital "re-imagines the sounds of Venice in this vivid homage to the most beloved composer of the Italian Baroque," Antonio Vivaldi.