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Jon Batiste spreads joy with 'I Need You' / 88.3WBGO

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"It's got to be an experience. It can't be something that's like a museum piece."

88.3WBGO's NATE CHINEN writes.....Jon Batiste offered that assessment about jazz back in 2014, during a conversation with Walter Isaacson. He was talking about refurbishing the music's appeal for a younger generation - making its mission, and even its history, feel vibrant in the present tense.

Batiste has kept up his part of the bargain there - as bandleader on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, as co-artistic director of the National Jazz Museum in Harlem, and as a solo artist with a freewheeling relationship to genre. The exuberant video for his new single, "I Need You," takes his proposition literally: set in an art gallery, it imagines what would happen if some archival photographs of Lindy Hoppers in Harlem suddenly came to life."This song is a vibe cleanse," he says in a press statement. "After 2020, this is like a warm hug."

He adds: "Let's bring the vibes back!" WE ARE will be released on Verve on March 19