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The Piano Guys' release - Bring Him Home: A Memorial Day Dedication / Parent Herald

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The Piano Guys' newly released cover of Les Miserables' "Bring Him Home," has already been having over 9.9 million views. They purposely released the cover of the song for the Memorial Holiday. Bring Him Home is an original composition by Claude-Michel Schonberg. Jon Schmidt, Al van der Beek and Steven Sharp Nelson made a brilliant arrangement of the piece.

The Piano Guys have always been releasing covers of popular songs on Youtube. According to CBS News, no genre quite fits in what they do. However, there is something special about their new release. It is to honor the brave man and women, who have been a part of something greater than themselves. Bring Him Home is one of those heartfelt, and heartwarming musical renditions ever made from the Broadway musical Les Miserables.

The guys dedicated the song to the families of those who sacrificed themselves in order to preserve freedom. To the guys this cover of the song is brought about their recent experience where they were once asked by a mother of 5 kids whose husband was in the military. The simple request is if they could surprise the kids on one of their concerts. Since the lady's husband arrived early for Christmas which was a perfect timing during that time.