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Diana Krall - Turn Up the Quiet / Elmore Magazine review

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Multi-Grammy Award winner Diana Krall doesn't need to prove a thing at this point in her career. She's returned to the style that made her popular to begin with, having experimented with the singer-songwriter style in partnership with her husband, Elvis Costello. She's paid homage to her father's extensive 78 record collection on two albums now. She's even done a bossa nova record. But her career was built on interpretations of the great American songbook to which she returns here. This is the music she loves and listening to just a few notes will be all you need to convince you of that. As Krall says, "I have thought about these songs for a long time. Being in the company of some of my greatest friends in music allowed me to tell these stories just as I'd intended. Sometimes you just have to turn up the quiet to be heard a little better."