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John Scofield - Past Present / Jazz Profiles

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John Scofield is a storyteller, with a good sense of pace and timing. He relishes a tight, in-the-pocket groove and even displays occasional splashes of humor to keep things interesting. Our most recent visit with with Sco's music was prompted by a preview copy of John's latest CD and was prompted by a preview copy of his latest Impulse! CD - Past Present. 

Max Horowitz at Crossover Media was kind enough to send along the following press release and, since I couldn't improve upon it, I thought I'd share it with you "as is." Remember, you can always go on and click on the artist search in the upper right hand corner for more information about the artists they are working with and to listen to samples of music from their latest recordings.

"On Past and Present, John Scofield updates his early-'90s quartet with drummer Bill Stewart and saxophonist Joe Lovano by recruiting bassist Larry Grenadier for his fetching, appropriately titled impulse! debut, Past Present. Between 1990 and 1992, the celebrated guitarist released three well-received discs – Meant to Be, Time on My Hands and What We Do – for the Blue Note label as the John Scofield Quartet. On those records, either Marc Johnson or Dennis Irwin played bass. Nevertheless, Grenadier also has history playing with Scofield; he toured with Scofield in support of the 1996 disc, Quiet.

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