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Max Richter Talks Scoring / IndieWire interview

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If there is one defining characteristic about composer Max Richter, is that he refuses to stay within any preconceived boundaries. Classically trained at Edinburgh University and finishing his studies under the tutelage of avant-garde composer Luciano Berio in Florence, from there Richter's career went in a variety of directions. He did traditional compositional work, collaborated with acts as varied as The Future Sound Of London, Roni Size and Vashti Bunyan, and issued his own complex and acclaimed solo work.

So it was only a matter of time until the movies came calling for Richter's unique, soulful and avant work, and the last decade has seen him contribute to films such as the animated "Waltz With Bashir," the WWI drama "Lore," the sci-fi "Last Days On Mars," the intimate "Wadjda" and many more. But always looking for a further challenge, Richter has now tackled his first TV gig with HBO's highly anticipated "The Leftovers," which premiered over the weekend.

Once again, Richter has delivered some haunting, evocative music which promises a full season of his immediately identifiable sound helping to shape the strange, surreal and emotional world of Damon Lindelof's show. Last week, we chatted with Richter over the phone from Germany about working on "The Leftovers," and his approach to the layered series about loss and what we do to move on.  READ THE FULL IndieWire INTERVIEW