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Rachel Barton Pine aims to place overlooked music by black composers into today's consciousness / Forbes

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Although few people can name even three black classical composers, the Chicago-based violinist Rachel Barton Pine can name 350. Pine's RBP Foundation Music by Black Composers (MBC) project has recently released four landmark initiatives celebrating these composers:  MBC Violin Volume I, the first in a series of pedagogical books of music exclusively by black classical composers; the Rachel Barton Pine Foundation Coloring Book of Black Composers; a timeline poster of over 300 black classical composers; and Pine's Blues Dialogues, an album of classical works written by 20th  and 21st-century composers of African descent, released by Cedille Records. Of the 54 composers represented among these initiatives, 22% are women.

These four initiatives aim to place black classical composers and much of their previously overlooked music into today's cultural consciousness. In doing so, the RBP Foundation hopes to inspire black students to begin and continue instrumental training, make the music of black composers available to all people and help change the face of classical music and its canon.