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Hans Zimmer wows Coachella / Malibu Times

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When the headline acts for this year's 18th annual Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival were announced in January, the inclusion of Malibu film composer Hans Zimmer and a 70-piece orchestra left some scratching their heads. The festival, known mainly for rock, indie, hip hop and electronic dance music acts, and attended mainly by Snapchatting and Instagramming Millennials, has not been known to feature instrumental performances led by a 59-year-old. The main headliners at Coachella this year were Kendrick Lamar, Radiohead and Lady Gaga. And yet here was Zimmer on the list - with a prime evening time slot on the main stage two Sundays in a row. 

Zimmer's shows were a smashing success, featuring 34 "hits" from his film compositions, including "Interstellar," "The Dark Knight Rises," "Inception," "The Thin Red Line," "Gladiator," "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "The Lion King." His light show was noted as being among the best. Zimmer himself played electric guitar in front of the orchestra, and other musicians were also out front on electric guitar, strings and percussion.

Singer/songwriter Pharrell Williams made a guest appearance, playing his song, "Freedom." He and Zimmer were co-composers on the film "Hidden Figures."   READ THE FULL Malibu Times ARTICLE