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Jesse Cook, gearing up to release: Beyond Borders / Guitar World

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Juno-winning guitarist Jesse Cook is gearing up to release his new album, Beyond Borders, September 15 via eOne Music Canada. Today, presents the exclusive premiere of the album's title track. "When I'm composing, it's like I'm cooking," Cook says. "I throw all my favorite ingredients in the pot. I try to combine ingredients I've never heard together before. It's a risk, you never known how it's going to turn out. But sometimes you're lucky, and you find magic. I have wanted to work with Maryem (the vocalist on the song) again, ever since we worked together on ‘Nomad.' I wrote this song last summer, with the original vocal being sung by me. I actually kinda liked the song that way. But once Maryem came into the studio and worked her magic, there was no looking back. She's a very special singer."

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