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Jesse Cook - Beyond Borders Q&A with fyi music news

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Jesse Cook has discovered a formula for staying relevant in today's shifting, short-attention-span music scene. Focus! Early in our conversation Cook introduced me to a video he recently edited for a track, "Hembra," from his new album Beyond Borders. It was shot with the Panasonic GH4; a digital SLR that shoots 4K and retails around $1,500 Canadian, and a 4K drone. Think about that. In the recent past shooting a video came with writing a grant application, anticipation, rejection – a crew, a sound guy – big dollars. Cook has not only bought into the video game, but he also edits his shorts. Another broad learning-curve. To understand the man, this may be all you must know.  He's a voracious student of the arts, both technical and the personal expression and imagination.

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