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Regina Carter plays Ronnie Scott's / theguardian

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Regina Carter recently played - London's Ronnie Scott's and brought a fresh and thrilling creative edge to her respect for jazz and classical traditions

If attention spans are getting shorter in the 21st century, nobody's told Regina Carter. The Detroit-born jazz violinist played Ronnie Scott's with a drummer-less acoustic group, sometimes at a barely perceptible murmur, but her unfolding of a theme is so revealing, and her improv ideas so fresh, that listeners soon sense they can't afford to miss a beat. Carter set off on the 1940s hit A Sentimental Journey at a leisurely mid-tempo at first; then came airily embellished longer lines, ringing upper tones and raffish Stephane Grappelli-like swoops, over an escalating swing from Jesse Murphy's bass and pianist Xavier Davis's discreetly prodding chords.