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John Scofield - Past Present / Jazz Weekly review

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Guitar vet John Scofield tries to show that you can go back home. Back in the 90s, he teamed together with Joe Lovano/ts and Bill Stewart/dr for some nice and funky sounds. With a different bassist than before in Larry Grenadier, Scofield and his old chums go back to the winning format with a collection of new material.

The two front liners sound comfy together on the lithe "Slinky" and have lots of fun on the soulful "Get Proud." Scofield's warm tone rings well on "Chap Dance" and "Enjoy the Future!" and Lovano sounds surprisingly warm on "Museum." Grenadier gets a couple chances in the spotlight, and uses it well, while Stewart is flexible and consistent with a rich pulse. The feel is casual throughout, with a reflection that hangs over the mood that is answered in the personal liner notes. Intimate and cozy, the music grows on you like a thoughtful conversation.

Yes, they've reunited, but both Scofield and Lovano come across wiser in the latest group hug.