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Valerie Milot Trios for Violin, Cello & Harp is KDFC 'Download of the Week'

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Analekta announces the release of the excellent album Trios for violin, cello and harp, an ambitious collaborative project featuring three accomplished young musicians recognized for their excellence: harpist Valérie Milot, violinist Antoine Bareil and cellist Stéphane Tétreault. Recorded at Église Saint-Augustin in Mirabel, Québec, during this past winter, the album highlights how well the musicians complement each other and the graceful blend of their instruments, first in the lively and ethereal trio by Jacques Ibert, and then, in strong contrast, in the trio composed by Henriette Renié – a composer known for the virtuosity of her works – in which the harp rises to the rank of solo instrument. The spirited Danse des Lutins for solo harp by the same composer, as well as the intense Passacaglia for violin and cello by Johan Halvorsen, inspired by Handel's Harpsichord Suite No. 7 in G minor, allow listeners to appreciate the musicality and immense talent of the three musicians, who are heard last of all playing the Schubert lied "Lob der Tränen" in a transcription of great delicacy.

Violin, cello and harp, a trio made in heaven on KDFC: San Francisco! Download a piece by the French woman harpist and composer, Henriette Renie.