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Regina Carter - Southern Comfort/ Stereophile interview

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Making a recording is always a personal journey-everyone has a story to tell. Jazz violinist Regina Carter's latest, Southern Comfort, is an eloquent musical expression of Carter tracing the roots of her paternal lineage back five generations. For the project's sound engineer, Joe Ferla, it's the final project of a engineering career, and the beginning point of his new life as a practicing musician. The entwining of these journeys gives the album's music and sound a rare honesty.

Released by Sony Masterworks, Southern Comfort began as a Web addiction. "I got hooked on this site, and there's a DNA test, and I started reading, and I thought, 'You know what, let me delve into this and see if I can get any further.' I know more information about my mother's side of the family than I do about my father's. And I thought, 'Man, that might be an interesting project-to see what music may have been happening during the time that my grandfather was alive, and I could try to make some connections through the music.'"

Carter's paternal grandfather, Dan Carter, was a coal miner. Born in Georgia in 1893, he later moved to Alabama. "He would move around, depending on where there was work. He and my grandmother raised 14 kids. Two sets of twins, my father and his twin being the oldest-or so I was told. But going on and looking for records, it might be another story. It's interesting what you find out." READ THE FULL Stereophile INTERVIEW.