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One hit is as important as 1 million to The Piano Guys / Lexington Herald Leader

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When The Piano Guys decide to cover a piece of popular music, cellist and songwriter Steven Sharp Nelson said, it has to pass a couple of important tests. The first is what they call "the Disney test," which is what they describe as a song that has themes and lyrics fit for all ages. "If the answer is no, it's completely ruled out, no questions asked," he said. The second test - a crucial part of the formula that has led to The Piano Guys' success - is what Nelson refers to as the "chills up test." "When you listen to the song, does it give you chills up your spine rather than down?" he asked.

The Piano Guys' specialty certainly appears to have passed more than a few tests for listeners and viewers alike. This quartet of Mormon dads from Utah, comprised of Nelson, pianist and songwriter Jon Schmidt, producer and songwriter Al van der Beek, and videographer and producer Paul Anderson, formed in 2010 and started putting its unique classical spin on pop songs by the likes of Coldplay, Adele, One Direction and Christina Perri, to name a few. They do the same with famous movie themes, classical pieces and hymns, and they write original compositions. The songs are visually presented in the form of music videos that appear to spare no expense toincorporate special effects, incredible landscapes, or how-did-they-get-that-piano-up-there locations.

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