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Quartetto di Cremona: Borciani Competition

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News | Simone Gramaglia (Quartetto di Cremona) jury member of the Premio Paolo Borciani 2014
From May 25th to June 1st 2014 the 10th International String Quartet Competition Premio Paolo Borciani will be held in the Teatro Valli/Reggio Emilia in Italy, this time with an audite artist in the jury: Simone Gramaglia from the Quartetto di Cremona was invited to the jury and together with Martha Argerich, Fred Sherry, Kikuei Ikeda, Geraldine Walther, Heime Miller and Enrico Bronzi he will choose the three best international string quartets.
The Premio Paolo Borciani was founded in 1987 and is dedicated to the famous founder and first violinist of the Quartetto Italiano Paolo Borciani. Laureates in the past were e.g. the Keller Quartett and the Artemis Quartett.