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Lang Lang's 3 secrets for a calm, composed on-stage performance / Classic fm

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Classic fm recently caught up with Lang Lang backstage at the Leeds International Piano Competition. He's no stranger to packed concert halls, or even massive sports stadiums (recently racing none other than Usian Bolt on the keyboard). So we asked him about his advice for battling those performance nerves and anxieties, and how you can ensure you're focussed and in the right zone when you step out on stage.

LL told us about his performance rituals, his tips for others, and introduced us to his revolutionary new teaching tool. It doesn't matter what level you're at, keeping focused and battling performance nerves is a challenge for every musician. Amateur, pro, or global virtuoso, it's always important that your mind and body is in the right place when you step out on stage for that performance, recital or competition performance. WATCH THE VIDEOS   VIEW Classic fm PAGE



Lang Lang's advice for all players taking to the stage


What's your advice for making sure you're calm, relaxed and ready to play your best? 





When you step out onto the stage, how can you minimise those nerves? 





When you play a massive, long concerto, how do you maintain focus?  




Mastering the Piano with Lang Lang


Put away those dusty piano books. It's all on your tablet. 


Lang Lang is very passionate about music education and nurturing a new generation as they take on those 88 keys. He's just launched an incredible new teaching tool, and is very eager to spread the word about it. Called Mastering the Piano with Lang Lang , it's an app which covers teaching, technique, sheet music, with videos from the virtuoso himself. It's all done in collaboration with Faber Music.


We're interested app-y people too (and always love new music education initiatives) - so we asked him about it.


What is this app all about?





Why did you want to make it?






And who is it for?






Want to give it a try? Find out more about Mastering the piano with Lang Lang , and download it from the Apple app store here ...