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Valerie Milot - Orbis / KDFC: Download of the Week

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Each week KDFC: San Francisco members can download a free mp3 from some of the biggest releases in the world of Classical music. This week's selection is from harpist Valerie Milot's latest album Orbis. The title of Milot's seventh CD is both a nod to the circle of valued musical colleagues she has worked with over the years and a reference to the loop as a musical concept, a seemingly simple melodic or rhythmical motif that serves as both framework and source of inspiration. The disc features six complementary approaches, from John Cage's ethereal In a Landscape to Frank Zappa's turbulent G-Spot Tornado, not to mention the premiere of Antoine Bareil's Castille 1382, written especially for Milot. The recording also marks her 30th birthday, which she celebrates here with some long-standing musical partners and dear friends.

Hear harpist Valerie Milot perform Steve Reich's Electric Counterpoint from her latest album Orbis. Download now!