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Rachel Barton Pine - Testament Makes WRTI's Summertime Roundup

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WRTI's Mark Pinto fills us in on the latest classical music CDs Saturdays at 5 pm on Classical New Releases. Here are five newly released recordings he recommends. Take a look!

Rachel Barton Pine, Testament: Complete Sonatas & Partitas for Solo Violin by J. S. Bach - The solo violin music of Bach is a thing of rare grace and beauty in the hands of Rachel Barton Pine in this new recording of these pinnacles of the violin literature. She spools out Bach's melodies and counter-melodies like strings of pearls, clearly articulating each note and never letting the momentum sag. Also impressive is the period instrument sound she achieves by using a baroque bow and vibrato-less touch on a "modern" instrument (a 1742 Guarneri del Gesu). As Pine relates in the booklet notes, this is music that she has lived with from her earliest years as a violinist, which culminated at age 18 in her triumph at the International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition in Leipzig. There is an image of J.S. Bach in stained glass at Pine's church in Chicago. So, too, this recording lovingly and definitively enshrines these towering achievements of the great master of counterpoint and harmony.