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MOJA Radio Celebrates 6th Anniversary / JazzTimes

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MOJA Founder Russ Davis reflects on the development of the online service. Here's a paragraph

I just came across some statistical information from the service Live365 on which we first listed MOJA Radio, the online service I call "The World's MOdern JAzz Radio Channel," that told me that we began operation on the 1st of April in 2009. That would make us 6 years old now and it gave me another change to take stock of where we came from, where we've been, where we are and where we will go as we proceed in the ever-evolving arena of jazz in the 21st century as heard in cyber-world. When Michelle Sammartino and I were told by our superiors at XM Satellite Radio, just before the company was taken over by our competitor Sirius, that our channel Beyond Jazz would not be remaining in the lineup and that we would be leaving with it we decided to put out the word to the 400,000 estimated weekly listeners and see if they'd be interested in following us wherever we might go? We got a large and positive response so we decided to put our personal funds, time, creativity and effort into building the online version of the channel called MOJA Radio (MO for MOdern, JA for JAzz)!