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Seong-Jin Cho plays 105.9WQXR Facebook Live

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Following his two previous Chopin albums on DG, Seong-Jin Cho, winner of the 2015 International Chopin Piano Competition, has turned to Debussy for his third album. Towards his life's close, the French composer edited the piano works of Chopin, an experience that reignited his creativity, opening his heart to music he had loved since childhood. In turn, Cho's connection to Debussy runs deep. "I have always loved Debussy's music, but my feeling for it has deepened during my studies with Michel Béroff at the Paris Conservatoire," Cho recalls. "Michel never presses me to accept his ideas on interpretation, which would be so easy for such a great master of Debussy's music. His lessons are like meetings in which we discuss my playing, talk about music and art, and allow things to develop naturally."

Cho spoke with several classical radio stations earlier this week and also stopped by New York's classical station 105.9 -  'WQXR' for a Facebook Live Streaming event. Watch the attached segment.