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Jesse Cook@Kitchener ON - Centre in the Square / Live in Limbo

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Jesse Cook's newest album "One World" is a result of a globe's worth of experience, musical influences and culture. His rumba flamenco style of playing is aggressive, seductive and note perfect!  The icing on top is with all that talent he infuses his show with lots of personality, funny stories, and quips. 

The Canadian Juno award winning guitarist, composer and producer had Monday May 11th's Center in the Square - Kitchener Ontario crowd clapping almost the entire night.  If they weren't clapping to show appreciation they were clapping to enhance the groove of his music.

The evening opened with "Café Mocha", "Gravity" and a song, "Taxi Brazil" off of his latest album "One World," and was a constant change of beats, styles and delivery. Some songs involved the full band while other songs were duos or trios. They created a welcoming and cozy atmosphere, often sitting in chairs, relaxed and making you feel like you were hanging out with them in a coffee shop. However, the mood would quickly change, depending on the song, and the musicians would stand and immediately there was seriousness about their performance.