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Rachel Barton Pine finds unlikely partners in Bruch, Elgar / New Classical Tracks

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Rachel Barton Pine was 11 when she first performed Max Bruch's Violin Concerto No. 1 with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. She has performed it many times since then, and now, 32 years later, she's recording this work for the first time. It's paired with an unlikely partner, Edward Elgar's Violin Concerto.

She says it all goes back to an album that she loved growing up featuring the legendary Yehudi Menuhin, who recorded both works early in his career. In her mind, they've always been a perfect match.

"Of the standard romantic concerti, the Bruch is pretty much the shortest and the Elgar is pretty much the longest, so that always had them live together in my mind for that reason," Pine says. "But more importantly, somehow both the Bruch and Elgar are very human. They're intimate, they're passionate and there's a certain sound that I look for in each, which is very lush and rich and warm. And so even though they were written 40 years apart in different countries, I felt like somehow it worked to put them together."      PHOTO: Lisa Marie Mazzucco

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