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Martha Argerich is cool. Capital Public Radio - Artist Of The Week

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Martha Argerich is cool. That's not a descriptor that gets used too often alongside a world class musician. Renowned, iconic, legendary.  Those are words more commonly associated with an artist of Argerich's caliber. There is a sense of high society or high art that coincides with describing a classical musician. And in some respects, rightfully so. These artists practice hours upon hours, day after day. They perform all over the world, and many speak several different languages. So one could say they have earned their highfalutin praise.

But Martha Argerich is cool. 

Don't get me wrong. She is all of the other things too, but she just has an air about her playing that sets her aside from the rest of the pack. If it weren't for the large concert halls, sixty piece orchestras and the guy waving the baton, one might confuse her with musicians of a different ilk, like Baez, Mitchell, or Carpenter. A singer-songwriter up on stage all alone, just her, her music and her instrument. Still, her band is a bit bigger than most rock and folk performers. Once she flips her gorgeously thick hair, purses her lips into her trademark pout, and sets her fingers dancing over the ivories of the grand piano, it may as well be just her up there. Argerich takes over the concert with ease and an inherent musical sensuality, seemingly unfazed by the task that lay ahead, be it Chopin, Rachmaninoff, or Beethoven.

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