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Regina Carter - Southern Comfort / North Shore News interview

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On her new album, Southern Comfort, acclaimed jazz violinist Regina Carter travels back in time to the life of her paternal grandfather, a coal miner based in Bradford, Alabama.

While he passed away long before she was born, Carter, a Detroit native who currently lives in Maywood, New Jersey, has many memories of summers spent with her grandmother in their old house. Her father was one of 14 children, including two sets of twins, and cousins aplenty were also always around.

"It was extremely rural living," says Carter. "It was very different than my life in Detroit but (I have) a lot of fond memories (of) being with family. That's so important for me. Especially as an adult, and as a middle-aged adult now, all of that is really important because this is the age where I find that I've lost and am losing several family members and also friends. And so I start not to take life for granted and just to realize all of this information is important for me to help have an impact on me. Who am I? From where do I come? Who are some of the people that helped make me who I am today? What are the struggles they went through so that I can have the things that I have today? "Also, it makes me proud and it gives me an extra push on those days where maybe I don't feel like doing anything or I start to question what it is I'm supposed to be doing while I'm here," she says. READ THE FULL North Shore News INTERVIEW.