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Daniel Hope puts the classical period in context with Journey to Mozart /

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"For the Record,"'s weekly roundup of new releases of recordings by violinists, violists, cellists and other classical musicians, features Violinist Daniel Hope - Journey to Mozart. 


This album aims to put the Classical period in context, with violin concertos by Haydn, Josef Myslivecek, and Mozart, as well as excerpts from Gluck's Orfeo ed Euridice, a Romance by Johann Peter Salomon, and Mozart's Adagio in E and Rondo alla turca, in a new arrangement for orchestra. "I love researching different styles of music," Hope said. "So much of Mozart's music is so modern, so revolutionary that I find it hard to relate the term ‘Classical' to it. We often use the word today to mean old-fashioned, and yet Mozart is anything but old-fashioned. I find the Classical style and period of music history to be fascinating, because it was at this time that composers began to be themselves, to break away from serving kings and princes and gain their independence as artists. We see how the Classical style, governed by the rules of music, became a way of life. It was out of this order that the idea of the brilliant artist was born; it was the beginning of the way we think about music today." BELOW: Excerpts from a special new arrangement of Mozart's Piano Sonata No.11 In A, K.331 -"Alla Turca" - 3. Alla Turca (Arr. For Violin Solo And Chamber Orchestra By Olivier Fourés):

Hope is Music Director of the Zurich Chamber Orchestra and this year became Artistic Partner of San Francisco's New Century Chamber Orchestra. READ ALL REVIEWS FROM