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Paris Combo, set for Seattle's 'Triple Door,' chats with KSVU Radio

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Interview with KSVU's Ann the Bohemian

Six albums and two decades spent criss-crossing the globe, playing to enthusiastic audiences from Sydney to San Francisco and Berlin to Beijing, have enabled Paris Combo to create its own unique world, establishing itself as one of the most piquant, intriguing groups on the international music scene. Fronted by the mischievous vocals of chanteuse Belle du Berry, the combo has struck a positive chord with critics and audiences alike with their signature blend of swinging gypsy jazz, cabaret, French pop, Latin and Middle Eastern rhythms. Seattle Times calls Paris Combo, "My favorite French cultural export of the past decade.".

"Tako Tsubo", the lounge-tinged title track of Paris Combo's new album, is inspired by a rare condition known also as the "broken-heart syndrome" - thank goodness Paris Combo have the cure! On their new record, the chanteuse Belle du Berry leads us through a deliciously varied collection of musical atmospheres, ranging from the intimacy of the live combo to more lush orchestral settings and beautiful 60's retro à la Bacharach with near-psychedelic overtones.

Paris Combo is set for Seattle's 'Triple Door' on Thursday, February 16, and KSVU's Ann the Bohemian spoke with PC's David Lewis about the upcoming show and the new album.     Listen to the attached interview