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Pedrito Martinez talks to MSNBC: Cafecito

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Cuban musician Pedrito Martinez is one of the most respected musicians in the world, sought out by other artists regardless of language or genre for recording sessions, or just to discreetly take-in an evening of percussion mastery, from intimate venues to the city's most revered performance spaces such as Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. Now, in celebration of the quickly evolving cultural opening of his homeland, the Afro-Cuban virtuoso has been able to craft a long-held dream album for his Grammy-nominated namesake outfit, The Pedrito Martinez Group. Released by Motema Music, on June 10, Habana Dreams finds Martinez sharing a distinctly Cuban/Yoruban roots-infused album, returning home to record for the first time. Collaborating with family members and some of Cuba's best musicians, the album was recorded in the island's most historic studio – the studio which gave birth to much of the music that still influence Pedrito to this day.

Martinez talks to MSNBC: Cafecito about some of the challenges he has faced pursuing a music career while growing up in Cuba and how he stays true to the traditional Latino music styles in his songs. WATCH THE INTERVIEW