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Snarky Puppy set for Boulder Theatre / The Know

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It's been somewhat quiet on the live jazz performance scene in the Denver area this year. In February and March, things will pick up considerably. The massive collective known as Snarky Puppy will play at the Boulder Theater on Feb. 20. The Brooklyn-based group has helped to bring a lot of millennials to the music, even though the band doesn't brand itself as jazz as much as an improvising pop unit. Bassist and leader Michael League immerses Snarky Puppy in up-to-the-minute elements of jazz-fusion and world music that reminds me of 1970s projects like Weather Report. Who knows how many of their fans are familiar with that group, or the music of its founders, Wayne Shorter and Joe Zawinul? Snarky Puppy's members are obviously aware of what came before them, and if everyone is having a good time, what's the difference? Expect this one to sell out.