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James Ehnes on recording the Walton Viola Concerto / TheStrad

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In June this year James Ehnes joined conductor Edward Gardner and the BBC Symphony Orchestra in the studio to record a concerto on his second instrument, the viola. This is an extract from a Session Report interview with James Ehnes in the September 2017 issue of the Strad.

This is a piece I have loved since I was a teenager, so it is wonderful that the opportunity has come my way to record it. This work has been a focus for me the last few years. I have also played and recorded Walton's Violin Concerto – a very different piece. Physically, there is not much of an issue switching back and forth between the two instruments, but there is a different method of tone production. From a technical standpoint I have always focused on results. I don't think so much about how do I do this or that, but more about the sound I am making and how I can adjust it to what I want. It's about adjusting and listening on the fly. The joy of being able to work on both instruments is that it expands my repertoire, and my main motivation for playing the viola is exploring the great music written for this instrument. Certainly the repertoire is smaller, but the great music is just as great. So much of the most glorious viola repertoire is within an ensemble, but these key solo pieces are also incredibly inspiring and rewarding.