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Getz at the Gate makes 'glide Jazz Top 20 for 2019'

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2019 was another eventful year in Jazz that delivered a renewed global creativity, the unearthing of lost albums from iconic figures, stellar efforts from emerging young players, and strong contributions from reliable veterans, both vocally and instrumentally. This is Glide's effort, a wide swath of 20 remarkable albums that touch on several aspects of jazz.  We salute these artists, knowing the choices were difficult to make as there were many more worthy efforts beyond just these.

Stan Getz – Getz at the Gate -Live at the Village Gate (Verve) – Stan Getz from 1961, before his breakout bossa nova period. These 15 tracks, spread over two discs and three LPs, are taken from one night at NYC's Village Gate, professionally recorded and likely intended for release, but lost for 58 years and now rediscovered. This was a relatively new quartet that didn't stay together very long, featuring pianist Steve Kuhn, bassist John Neves, and drummer Roy Haynes. This was the unit Getz formed having recently returned from Europe and exploring a new more aggressive sound as Coltrane was the buzz at the time.

Getz at the Gate makes 'glide Jazz Top 20 for 2019'   SEE THE PAGE