Stories » The Hot Sardines at MIM makes the Phoenix New Times 'best concerts this week'

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The Hot Sardines at MIM makes the Phoenix New Times 'best concerts this week'

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While the swinging selections of ragtime and jazz that the Hot Sardines perform may tend to be more than 100 years old, their audience is definitely not. "We see people from 18 to 80 in our shows … this music really does cross demographic lines," says singer Elizabeth Bougerol. "That's one of the reasons, I think, these songs have endured so long."

Bougerol first met pianist Evan "Bibs" Palazzo in 2007. There was an immediate musical connection and over the next few years, the Hot Sardines came together with a strong focus on early jazz. Their chosen genre isn't the most popular in America, but it's the one the Sardines most enjoy. "In the U.S., it's a little bit on the fringe. It's not popular music in this day and age; it's not in the pop spectrum. Our approach to this music, first and foremost, is that when this music was first being played, it was pop music. It was what everyone was listening to," she says. "It's easy to re-historicize things, but really, this is just pop music. At its origins, jazz is pop music. A hundred years from now, someone might think of Deborah Harry and Justin Bieber as being from the same era," she tells us, "but actually there was lots and lots of time between them. A lot of differences, too." 

The Hot Sardines make the Phoenix New Times 'best concerts this week' with a New Year's Day show at MIM.

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