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JD Souther set to play Americana Music Festival /

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The 2015 edition of the Americana Music Festival is just over two weeks away, being held Sept. 15-20 in venues throughout the Nashville area, and fans have over 150 bands to choose select from, a daunting task for even the most dedicated Americana music fan. Inevitably, someone you want to see will be playing in a venue all the way across town from someone else you want to see. In this series leading up to Americanafest 2015, we'll profile some of the highest profile acts in a number of categories to help with your tough decisions.

First up is the legends. For a festival with such a low price point, Americanafest manages to snag an impressive list of legendary artists every year. 2015 is no different, with this year's legends ranging from Latin rock pioneers to country superstars to songwriting titans.

JD Souther will perform on Tue. Sept 15 at City Winery. Souther has just released - Tenderness which continues the new path in sound and style that he has forged since his return to recording in 2008; but at the same time, the album is unlike anything he has previously recorded. Joining Souther on the album are longtime collaborators pianist Chris Walters and saxophonist Jeff Coffin; as well as new friends, vocalist Lizz Wright and trumpet master Till Brönner. Jazz piano legend and recent Grammy Award winner Billy Childs is on board as well; he also has arranged the elegant and searing strings on half the album's tracks.

Souther's stories about the process of writing his songs are almost as entertaining as the songs themselves and fans of pure master songwriting will be sure to make JD Souther's show at City Winery's Americanafest kickoff party a priority.