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Paris Combo transports 'Freight & Salvage' audience / The Daily Californian

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It takes a unique kind of musical group to completely transform a venue, a band that uses its sound to remake a space and transport its audience. In its Saturday performance at Berkeley's Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse, Paris Combo achieved this difficult task, bringing the vibrant flare of a jazz club in the "City of Lights" to Berkeley.

This chemistry was on full display for The five-piece outfit, each song performed with exuberance and expert musicality. The setlist for the night allowed each band member to have a moment in the spotlight, with each track providing chances for every instrument to shine. In "Señor," for example, Lewis' muted trumpet and piano lines backed du Berry's scatting vocals. Meanwhile, Potzi's guitar solo catalyzed the crescendo of the song, while Jeannin's drums and de Segonzac's bass line provided a consistent backbone for the melody. The performance perfectly encapsulated the band's aptitude for functioning as a fully cohesive group working in precise harmony while also showcasing each performer's strengths.