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Jane Ira Bloom - Wild Lines, Improvising Emily Dickinson / MUSIC ZOOM review

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Together with Dave Liebman Jane Ira Bloom is among the most interesting performers of the soprano saxophone in contemporary jazz. The pre-record trio with the bass player Mark Helias and Bobby Previte on the drum now extends to quartet with pianist Dawn Clement. The music is dedicated to American poet Emily Dickinson, a singular figure (for biography) and important for American literature, whose lyrics were only published after her disappearance. The first CD is only instrumental, in the second the same compositions, but performed in different order, are performed along with the lyrics performed by Deborah Rush. These are unusual musicians, so music is one that does not go unnoticed, a track like Other Eyes shows the virtuosity of musicians, here's a trio where Mark Helias has a remarkable role. A special performance that ends with Previte's battery solo. He returns to the quartet for Singing the Triangle, a composition that stands out among the rest. Here you can see the originality of pianist Dawn Clement, his is an accompaniment outside the most common styles. To mark the solo of the leader, the protagonist of the entire double CD, animated by an ineasable fantasy in a work where there is no out of place note. All of us, among the protagonists of contemporary jazz, celebrate their music and poems by the famous lyric writer.