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Jan Lisiecki set for Montreal Chamber Music Festival / McGill Tribune

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Twenty-two-year-old Calgary pianist Jan Lisiecki is far from being a slacker. After making his orchestral debut at age nine, the musician rose to international fame once The Fryderyk Chopin Institute released a recording of his live renditions of Chopin's piano concertos. Four albums later, he now performs roughly 80 times per year. In the past month alone, he has played in six countries, with appearances already lined up through 2020.  

When he isn't taking a break from practice to go skiing, the young pianist performs at some of the world's most prestigious concert venues such as Carnegie Hall–all while pursuing his bachelor's of Music Performance at the Glenn Gould School of Music in Toronto.

"Unfortunately, I haven't finished my bachelor's because of performances," Jan Lisiecki said bashfully. "It's funny. There's this paradox, here I am performing in the biggest concert halls as a pianist and yet, I don't have a bachelor's of music. It's sort of funny actually."

This week, Lisiecki's jam-packed schedule brings him to the Montreal Chamber Music Festival. He'll take the stage alongside acclaimed cellist and festival founder Denis Brott on June 14.  PHOTO: Holger Hage / Deutsche Grammophon