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Rufus Wainwright - Prima Donna / theguardian

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Rufus Wainwright, no stranger to the lyric stage since the premiere of his opera Prima Donna at last year's Manchester international festival, is to be the first pop artist to take up residency at what he called the "distant and implacable fortress" that is the Royal Opera House.

Though the Royal Opera House has in the past hosted such artists as Bjork, Sting and Elton John for one-off events, Wainwright is the first to tackle a week-long series of concerts at the London venue. The five evenings next July - under the banner House of Rufus: Five Nights of Velvet, Glamour and Guilt - will include two evenings of his show Rufus Does Judy!, his restaging of Judy Garland's 1961 comeback concert; an evening performing with his father Loudon; another with his sister Martha; and finally, a concert version of Prima Donna starring soprano Janis Kelly, followed by Wainwright performing some of his own solo work.