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Hans Zimmer takes his scores on tour / Paste Q&A

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If you've watched a lot of blockbuster-type movies in the last few decades, chances are you've experienced the music of German-born composer Hans Zimmer. He's scored over 120 films-from those of The Dark Knight Trilogy to Gladiator-in various genres; next up is Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk. However, about three years ago, Zimmer decided to step out from behind the screen and perform his music in front of audiences around the world. Earlier this year he played his first U.S. concerts, including a much raved-about performance at Coachella.

The composer recently wrapped up a European tour, and will return to the states for a month-long stint, starting July 13 in Dallas, before crisscrossing the country and finishing in Santa Barbara on August 13. Paste recently caught up with Zimmer from his final European stop in Milan to discuss what's it like taking his music on the road and what keeps him going after all these years.  

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