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Tiempo Libre - Panamericano / Latin Jazz Network

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The musical and theatrical finery of Panamericano is going to be quite the sensation in the weeks and months to come, and several years after the bucolic Bach in Havana enables Tiempo Libre to burst on the scene, this 2015 record will prove almost as successful. The reason: Tiempo Libre is building on their strengths of vocal harmony and reaching deeper into their Afro-Cuban/Classical heritage. True the musical plot – so to speak – centres less on the ardent classical tangles of that sensational former recording, the vocal scale – with its delicacy and airy grace of the music is always captivating.

The lilting rhythms of quasi-classical form are rarely absent for long either. Several numbers mine a deeper vein of feeling, among them the band's anxious, haltingly beautiful son "El Loco", the sensuous cavatina "Rema", and the imagined ‘aria' of mingled hurt and outrage at the imagined betrayal and tragic feelings of longing, of "Somebody to love" itself a surprise in its appearance as an English vocal piece on the album.  READ THE FULL Latin Jazz Network REVIEW.