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Jesse Cook - One World / Jazz Weekly review

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Jesse Cook takes his talents on the flamenco guitar and puts them into a 21st Century mix as he uses synthesized drums and programming along with classical strings as well as percussion, reeds and sounds from other parts of the world. Fellow guitarist Tommy Emmanuel joins him for a lilting "Tommy and Me' while the most traditional Mediterranean sounds are felt on "To Your Shore." Other times, you get a hint of Bollywood as reeds and electronics mix on "Bombay Slam" and Asian moods gloriously glow as woodwinds and strings meld on "Breath. Cook's touch on classical guitar is deft, as he does some rich flamenco work with  percussive hand in support on " Shake" while the synth beats creae a pulse on the romantic  "Once" and the more traditional "Three Days." The electronic sounds make the album a bit more New Age-World Music-y, but it doesn't detract from the warmth of Cook's touch .  SEE THE Jazz Weekly PAGE