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npr - alt.Latino shows 'All Your Colors' on 'Favorite Latin Songs This Week'

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Each week, Alt.Latino whips up a curated list of new favorites that emerge from the Latin music world. This week on Alt.Latino, explore Piñata Protest's new twist on conjunto punk, Los Tigres del Norte's tribute to legendary mariachi singer Vicente Fernandez and a diasporic folk ballad from La Doña.

Chilean born musician Camila Meza has been hiding in plain sight - which is to say she has been making some very special music and some of us may have overlooked her amazing talent. That oversight comes to an end as Meza releases the single "All Your Colors" from her upcoming May 2019 album, Ámbar.

"All Your Colors" is a showcase for Meza's substantial vocal talents as she shows off an approach to singing that reminds me of singers like Joni Mitchell who move easily between jazz and the conventions of pop singing. Her hybrid jazz/string quartet Nectar Orchestra provides the perfect musical backdrop for her singing.

Like a handful of other female vocalists who come from Latin America (Magos Herrera, Luciana Souza, Monica Giraldo and Claudia Acuña), Meza is taking jazz singing to another place where English and Spanish coexist, where folklore has just as much musical heft as the great jazz singing we all know and love, where the trappings of jazz also become tools to blend the genres.

And if that wasn't enough, Meza is the kind of guitarist who impresses, as she did with Pat Metheny, who asked her to be part of his NEA Jazz Masters induction last year. - Felix Contreras

As part of a series of NPR Music's favorite Latin songs, we created a Spotify playlist to compile the songs we love. Listen and read up on this week's picks below.