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The cosmic operatic chants of Shunia featured on the 'Echoes Podcast'

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Shunia is a duo that combines addictive melodies, ancient chants and polycultural rhythms into a sound that feels both new and timeless. Their music captures and conveys deep energies and spirit. The state of "shunia" means stillness, receptivity. Shunia's members, Lisa Reagan and Suzanne Jackson both performed with the Washington National Opera for 20 years before finding continued success in their solo careers. Coming together as Shunia, they combined their influences, inspirations and experiences to create genre-defying music with the power to transform and to connect you to the energy within and around you. It can put you in touch with something as simple as your five senses or as mysterious as the infinite.

It's the sound of the spirit when the Echoes Podcast talks with Shunia, as the two operatic singers talk about going the atmospheric Kirtan route, turning Hindi chants into serene dream pop on an their eponymous album produced by Jamshied Sharifi. Echoes Podcast also discusses being Miss Oklahoma, yoga, and dialing down operatic chops to tune in the spirit.