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Helene Grimaud visits with the KUSC: Evening Program

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Tune into KUSC: Los Angeles - Evening Program with Jim Svejda on Wednesday, 9pm to Midnight, for a visit from the great French pianist Hélène Grimaud. She's in town for performances of Ravel's G Major Concerto with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. She'll also discuss some current and future projects, including her latest Deutsche Grammophon album, Memory. Memory and music make perfect partners. Both are fleeting, never fixed, always subject to interpretation. Our identities are formed from memories, just as so many of our most enduring experiences are rooted in music. Hélène Grimaud wanted to explore the universal nature of memory, its place in the lives of us all. Memory, she explains, uses music to probe the many levels of human consciousness.   
Photo by Mat Hennek