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Morricone 60 - Belfast Telegraph review

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When Ennio Morricone received an Oscar for his soundtrack to The Hateful Eight this year, it was overdue recognition of his 60 years in the business. Now, here's a collection of his film music, a greatest hits, which shows the sheer range of his work. These new recordings, made with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, show Morricone is equally at home with delicate melodies as with discordant mood pieces. The latter hark back to Morricone's beginnings as an avant garde musician, but it's the diversity of his compositions that really impresses, many of which are iconic. None more so than his scores for Sergio Leone's Dollars trilogy, especially the haunting The Man With The Harmonica and the brilliantly evocative The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. The tender, the epic, the joyful and the sinister are all here.

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