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Yo-Yo Ma - Q&A with the Boston Herald

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We know some people are recognized early and immediately – math and musical prodigies come to mind.  It's a subject sparked by recently seeing QUARTET, a 1948 British film of four W. Somerset Maugham stories.  The most memorable one told of a young man expected to follow in the family business and live a life of aristocratic wealth who was determined to become a great classical pianist.  A deal was struck where he would study for two years in Paris on a meager allowance after which he would return and audition for an expert.  If declared mediocre, he would give up his dream and follow his family's wishes.  But if he had talent, the family would support his musical efforts.

For this Boston Herald feature that runs this week I spoke with cellist Yo-Yo Ma about his wonderful new documentary, MUSIC OF STRANGERS: THE SILK ROAD ENSEMBLE - it opens in Boston Friday.  A child prodigy he seemed the natural person to ask these questions.    READ THE Q&A.