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Jane Ira Bloom - Early Americans / ICON review

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Sometime you gotta strip down to the basics.
Take soprano sax wizard Jane Ira Bloom-she's
worked with bassist Mark Helias and drummer
 Bobby Previte before but never in a trio setting.
While it might sound a little "spare" without the
 presence of a chordal instrument (piano, guitar),
 this threesome makes it so that such won't be
 missed. Previte, one of the most dynamic and
 eclectic drummers on the planet plays the whole
darn drum set, laying down all sorts of skittering
and resilient rhythmic clouds for Bloom to sour
amid and above. Like Matt Wilson, Previte has the 
swingin' finesse of a great jazz drummer and whomp of a rock drummer. Helias has a rippling and anchoring presence. Bloom-who sometimes augments her horn with electronics but seemingly not here-has a unique approach to the straight horn. She can be as compelling as Coltrane and Shorter yet resembles either very little. She has a somewhat tuneful approach, sometimes evoking West Coast cool (think Brubeck's right-hand sax-man Paul Desmond), other times Middle Eastern sonorities, sometimes mournful (though never dirge-like), swirling-ly swinging in earnest, always lively. (13 tracks, 52 min.) - Mark Keresman