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Angele Dubeau offers meditative music from contemporary composers / New Classical Tracks

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"I was looking for a title with the same spelling for French and English, so Pulsations. Pulsation marks time, infuses its rhythm in it and also evokes the heart, just like those composers I chose, who, with their unique signature, mark time. Our time." Composers of our time - that's what Canadian violinist Angèle Dubeau's 44th recording with her all-female ensemble La Pietà is all about. She titled it Pulsations. Dubeau continues;

"Twenty years ago, I started to make a series of musical portraits of icons of contemporary music - I'm thinking of Philip Glass, of Arvo Part, of John Adams - and what makes this repertoire of minimalists so special and so successful. It's because this music brings great melodies, great moments of introspection and inner calm. And I think those moments we all need in our stressful lives today. In the minimalist music, the repetition captivates just like a mantra. Scientifically, it's proven that the repetition factor brings a high level of calm and concentration. If the music speaks to me and I have something personal to express, I should share it."

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